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Posted on: May 2, 2017

2017 Pest and Weed Control

The Parks Section of the Community Services Department is committed to environmentally responsible pest control practices. At various times throughout the year, the City of Camrose Community Services Department controls broadleaf and other weeds and insect pests depending on the genus, infestation, safety and conditions. Small mammalian pests, such as beavers and gophers, may also be controlled. Pest Management activities occur on properties such as parks, sports fields, golf course, CRE, boulevards, sidewalks, roadway buffers, water bodies and vacant city land. The Department is evaluating new systems and products to reduce pesticide usage where possible. Special care and attention regarding the impact on the park users is considered in all applications. For example, no spray treatment takes place on any site where wind speed exceeds 16 km/hr. All procedures and pesticides used meet the strict standards established by Health Canada and Alberta Environmental Protection and are considered safe for these types of applications. Treated areas are posted with yellow and black signs indicating the date and time of application, re-entry time, the pest controlled and pesticide used. For more information call Community Services 780.672.9195. 

Treatment Schedule
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