Additional Information

A local improvement may be initiated by the City of Camrose or by property owners. A local improvement bylaw is prepared and presented to Council for approval, which requires three readings.

After Council approves the first reading, notices and invitations to attend an open house are mailed to the property owners who will be liable to pay the local improvement. The open house will provide information regarding the local improvement project.

Once Council approves the third reading of the bylaw, construction may begin. When construction is complete, property owners have the option of paying their share of the cost in one lump-sum payment, thereby saving interest charges. Alternately, they may choose to pay the amount over the life of the local improvement, which is typically 10 or 20 years, with interest charged at the rate the City borrows the funds. The annual payments will appear on the property tax notice each year.

For more information, please email Engineering or Financial Services.